The Corona Virus pandemic keeps on disturbing the world in so many ways. Millions are dying globally, tens of thousands are being infected daily while the negative economic impact cannot be overlooked and thwarted. The closure of non-essential services has brought an untold hardship to the destitute in many societies. However, life is more important than material gains therefore, taking precautionary measures is very key.
The Ahafo Regional Security Council, led by the Regional Minister, *Hon. Evans Opoku Bobie (MP)* organised skakeholders consultative meeting on how to strengthen measures to help curb the spread of the deadly virus. After a deeper deliberation on the negative effects of the actions of some deviant traders, it was unanimously agreed that, all Weekly Market centres in the region must be close down with effect from Monday. *27th April, 2020 for the next two weeks.* Some of the towns which observe weekly markets are *Goaso, Mim, Kukuom, Hwidiem, Kenyasi, Bechem, Duayaw Nkwanta* etc
This will help the region to stop the spread of *Covid 19*. MMDCEs, Health Authorities, Security Services, Traditional leaders, Government officials etc consented to this decision by the region. The region has also ban all tricycles popularly known as *PRAGYIA* in the region with effect from the same date, *Monday. 27th April, 2020.* The Police service and other security Authorities have been tasked by the Ahafo Regional Security Council to enforce this new convention. Failure to comply by these directives will lead to prosecution of offenders.
The Ahafo Region is among the regions which has not recorded a single case of the Carcinogenic Coronavirus pandemic. *Hon. Evans Opoku Bobie*, who is the Regional Minister and doubles as the member of Parliament for Asunafo North Constituency disclosed to Cash Media that, the decision is bitter sweet but everyone must obey it as such.
It is very imperative to note that, the World Health Organisation *(WHO)* issued guidelines to all Countries which includes, mandatory quarantine, repatriations of citizens and preparedness at workplaces. *WHO* is also working with a network of experts to coordinate regional surveillance efforts, epidemiology, modelling, diagnostics, clinical care treatment and other ways to identify, manage the disease and limit widespread transmission globally.
The Regional Health Director, Mr Boakye Boateng urged all individuals to observe physical distancing in all their endeavours as part of the measures to reduce the spread of the Pernicious pandemic. The wearing of nose mask shouldn’t be a joke at all. “A nose mask is a must”. He stated. A decision was made that proper screening of travellers shall be intensify in the region.

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