In a fortnight ago, the Ahafo Regional Security Council *(REGSEC)* in fraternisation with Council of Ahafo Chiefs and Municipal District Chief Executives *(MMDCEs)* had an emergency meeting on how to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus Pandemic in the region. In a unanimous decision, the *REGSEC* closed down all *weekly market centres* and banned the operations of all *tricycles (PRAGIA)* in the region. This decision affected all the six districts within the Ahafo enclave. *Tano North Municipality, Tano South Municipality, Asunafo North Municipality, Asutifi South District, Asutifi North District and Asunafo South District.*
The two weeks closure and ban took effect from *Monday. 27th April, 2020* and is expected to expire on *Monday. 11th May, 2020.* Market women, consumers, Pragia riders and passengers are in a total pool of dilemma, whether there will be an extension or not. The Covid 19 keeps on disturbing mother Ghana. Three thousand and ninety one (3,091) cases, three hundred and three (303) recoveries and eighteen deaths in Ghana so far. The president of the Republic of Ghana, *H. E. Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo* has been commended globally on the fight against the deadly Coronavirus.
On Friday. 8th May, 2020, the Ahafo Regional Security Council, MMDCs and all Paramount chiefs within the region held a meeting at the Ahafo Regional Coordinating Council. The meeting was geared towards how to strengthen all the measures put in place to help the fight against the spread of the virus. So far, the region has not recorded a single case. The closure of weekly market centers and ban on pragia were not left aside. Upon a deeper deliberations on the closure of weekly market centers, the *Deputy Ahafo Regional Minister* who doubles as member of Parliament for Tano South, *Hon. Benjamin Yeboah Sekyere* briefed the media on behalf of Ahafo REGSEC on what necessitated the extension of the closure of weekly market centers and the lift of ban on pragia.
The Deputy Minister stated emphatically that, the *REGSEC* has been able to come out with some strict measures to control all the daily market centers in the region by ensuring proper social distancing and compulsory wearing of nose mask before entering the market place. He further stated that, the ban on *PRAGIA* has been lifted up with strict measures on their Operations while the closure of weekly market has been extended for another two weeks. All daily market shall not operate on the weekly market day in the region. *Aboboyaa* riders are still not permitted to carry passengers, goods only. All Paramount Chiefs, security personnel and the entire Regsec supported the call of the extension of the closure of all Market centers.
*Hon. Benjamin Sekyere* laid an emphasis on a point that, all Pragia riders are to take two passengers only. It is compulsory for all the riders and passengers to wear nose mask. The police service and task force shall ensure the enforcement. All commercial vehicle drivers are to wear mask too. The REGSEC came into a consensus that, PRAGIA riders are to provide hand sanitisers and sanitise their passengers before they set off. All motor riders are to put on nose mask.

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