Fire evacuation drills are required in all public and private premises where evacuation procedures are put in place. The drill tries to present a simulation of a fire situation. Usually, the fire alarm is activated and building occupants are required to implement their emergency protocol procedures. The evacuation drill helps to test the awareness and effectiveness of the emergency plan and also consolidate staff training. Among the dignitaries present were, Collins Osei Bonsu (Regional NADMO Director), Martha Solomon, (Division fire officer), The Regional Police Commander, Branch Managers of MTN and Republic Bank, Goaso.

On June 1st, 2022 at 11:30 am, the officers of Ghana National Fire Service (Ahafo Region), conducted fire evacuation drills at the forecourt of MTN/Republic Bank facility in Goaso. Officers assigned for specific duties for the drill ensured proper sounding of alarms systems at the facility. Emergency response team were immediately alerted of the situation. When they arrived, the emergency response team members directed the occupants of the building to leave the work location/evacuate the work area and proceed to the assembling point. When all the employees and workers arrived at the assembling point. Various rescue techniques were used by the fire officers to ascertain the nature of the situation.

A briefing was done on Fire and Emergency response during the Emergency by Martha Solomon (Divisional Officer). In her briefing, she advised the crowd present to be prompt and call the fire service emergency helpline anytime they notice a fire outbreak. She also added, calling the fire service response team on time will ensure quick and efficient intervention to address the situation. Mr. Collins Osei Bonsu (Regional NADMO Director) praised the emergency response team on their excellent evacuation drills and also recommended that more of such educative exercise should be done regularly to enlighten the public on emergency situations like a fire outbreak.







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