Management of the Assembly urged the residents of the Kwadaso and Adum electoral Area to employ Community-led Total Sanitation (CLTS) in order to address the poor sanitation conditions at local garbage collection stations.

According environmental health unit of the assembly, a behavioral change technique called CLTS focuses on bringing communities together to support proper sanitation.

Governments, donors, and civil society are refocusing their efforts away from infrastructure development and toward the development of effective WASH services that are universally available and sustainable. Through the ANAM Initiative, the Asutifi North District Assembly and its WASH partners have encouraged Community Led Total Sanitation (CLTS) to advance excellent sanitation in the district.

Following commitments and coordinated efforts from the District Assembly, Traditional Authorities organized community labour with the help of their people to clear weeds and clean the collecting locations. Assembly members Hon. George Boamah and Hon. Osei Kofi Junior was involved. They hired caretakers to oversee the sites as part of the sustainability techniques used to manage the area. Every time someone puts their trash there, the caretaker cleans the area and collects 50 pesewas from them. The caretaker and garbage collection vehicles are paid with the money collected from this practice.

“I think what we’ve done now will ease the weight of the numerous complaints I’ve been receiving about the messed up situation here. The locals who live adjacent to the location can also relax, according to Hon. Osei Kofi Junior, an assemblyman from the Adum Electoral Area.

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