Peasant farmers and residents of Gambia No. 2, Madam Agatha Adumesia and Cecelia Kyeremaa are 65 and 60 years old, respectively. Following a brief illness identified as diabetes, their husband passed away ten years ago. Three children have been blessed by Madam Agatha Adumesia. On the other hand, Madam Cecelia Kyeremaa doesn’t have any children of her own. The family is able to feed them with minimal assistance from the neighbourhood.

Following a stakeholder engagement in sanitation marketing, World Vision Ghana selected Madam Agatha’s family to get assistance from the Social Welfare Department of the Asutifi North District in the construction of a KVIP toilet. The community conducted a thorough assessment and determined that this household was vulnerable. In order to help Madam Agatha’s household have a suitable toilet, a young club in the neighbourhood offered to dig the hole.

Madam Agatha, in a sorrowful mood, expressed her happiness: “We least expected this. It’s finally time to stop utilizing the public restrooms and pleading with nearby homes to let you use their nighttime latrines. We are really appreciative to God, World Vision, and the Gambia No. 2 people.

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