The Ahafo Regional Coordinating Council in collaboration with Netcentric Campaigns is building a Network of people to address challenges around inadequate water, sanitation and hygiene services in Ahafo region. The core aim is to connect residents, various organizations and local government personnel to create a robust WASH Network to alleviate Water, Sanitation and Hygiene challenges. The approach involves a network of key people and popular citizen support dedicated to championing wash literacy, public engagement and recruitment of community members who can drive WASH initiative to success.

In line with this, a 4-day training workshop was organized for participating districts on setting up a WASHDESK which will serve as the catalyst and hub for all activities that generate the engagement necessary to build this vital WASH Network.

This report provides a detailed account of what transpired at the training workshop and seeks to inform relevant stakeholders accordingly.
A total of 63 participants undertook the training. 14 of them representing 22.2% were females with 49 of them representing 77.8% being males. Among the dignitaries present was the Chief Director of Ahafo Regional Coordinating Council who in his opening address noted the need to establish District WASHDESKs which will serve as a gateway for building robust WASH network and delivering WASH Customer services in line with the ongoing District based full WASH coverage initiative under the Ahafo Integrated WASH Programme. (See appendix I, address by Chief Director).

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